20 Inspiring Deer Tattoo Designs

Tattooing animals and mythical creatures is not anything new rather it is an art becoming followed by our ancestors from the ages effectively back to 5000 BCE. Siberian princess was recognized as an person with far more than 30 tattoos on her skin that lived about 2500 years ago. Tattooing of wild deer has been around given that the starting of the Neolithic era. Inca, Maya and other Pagan cultures believed that the movement of the heavenly bodies can be attributed to the energy of the horned gods. Even ancient Aryans worshipped Rudra with Trident the horned God as a symbol of tempest and storm.

In the Celtic mythology, the deer was believed to be the first animal, so the tattoo of a slain deer with grass in the mouth has assumed unique significance in the tattoo planet. A deer trampling reptiles symbolizes spirituality overcome desires. Cernunnos is the Celtic god of fertility and lust was also featured on the coat of arms family members crests of top European royal households. Supernatural multi horned deer beast hiding in the bushes personifies gracefulness and femininity. Attempt these deer tattoo styles get inspired by their supernatural energy.

King of the Forest 1

Stag Skull and Flower Tattoo 2

Colorful Deer Tattoo 3

Deer Tattoo on Half Sleeve 4

Deer Tattoo on Back 5

Kerste Diston Pastel Deer 6

Deer Tattoo on Neck 7

Deer Roses and BlackBerries 8

Deer Sleeve Tattoo for Women 9

Deer and Rose Tattoo 10

Deer Finger Tattoo 11

Illustration Style Deer Tattoo 12

Deer Tattoo on Thigh for Women 13

Deer Colourful Tattoo 14

Cute Deer and Flower Tattoo 15

Deer Tattoo on Forearm 16

Deer and Plum Flower Tattoo 17

Deer and Skull Tattoo for Men 18

Deer Tattoo on Helf Sleeve 19

Deer Leg Tattoo for Men 20